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Most data is unstructured.

Today’s business world is full of data - and most of it is in unstructured text documents. Working with such documents is often tedious, slow, and error-prone - automation seems impossible.

Our software semantha reads, understands, compares, and remembers the meaning of written text, regardless of its wording.

Explore the world of semantic AI and learn how semantha can upgrade your document-driven processes.

What's the semantics in semantha?

Here, you see four different statements with similar words - yet there are only three distinct meanings. If you consider the words only, the first statement is as close to the third as it is to the fourth - and not at all to the second. On a semantic level, the first two statements are almost identical - and that is exactly what semantha can tell you. Transcending the textual layer, she focuses on the meaning.

Example applications

Do you have to screen a large number of documents for hotspots? Scanning the documents for keywords is only the beginning: Without control over the incoming documents, reliably identifying all relevant text passages is a challenge. semantha can screen your documents and highlight all relevant areas. And she only needs a few examples to learn from.
Define your hotspots
Document to check
and check, if there is similar content.
The planned railways will result in a noisy environment.
The new train tracks will lead to exceeded noise pollution.
Do you often have to answer tender offers or analyze incoming bids? semantha can learn from historical bids, completed projects, and from your company’s expertise - and then pre-screen incoming tender offers or bids. Like an experienced coworker, she can point out critical items, refer you to the responsible person or team, and tell you which requirements you can safely accept.
Let semantha learn from your past
New requirement
While the button is in manually moved to down position, the window is moved down.
and re-use historical knowledge to speed up your decisions.
New requirement: Accepted
Historical requirement
While the button is in the manual downward movement, the window is moved downwards.

Metadata: Accepted
Tag: Project y
Do you regularly compare multiple document versions? Tracking changes in a document is a tedious process - especially if multiple parties are involved or different file formats are exchanged. semantha can compare two and more versions of a document, match text passages to each other (regardless of their position in the documents), and show you what has changed. You can tell her how strict to be in her assessment.
Compare two versions of
requirements with each other
and see what is completely new and which wordings have changed.

Upgrade your processes with semantha.

Semantha adds significant value to your company:
semantha is a reliable step in your process pipeline. She pre-screens documents and delivers a basis for decision-making while you focus on the hard parts of your job.
semantha is a state-of-the-art web service and scales according to your needs. She doesn’t mind reading one page a day or one page a second. The quality stays the same.
semantha is not bothered by repetitive work. In fact, she doesn't mind reading the same document for the umpteenth time and is as scrupulous at 11 pm as she is at 10 am.
semantha can read closely from page one to page one thousand - without missing the critical section on page 456. Employ semantha to complete the preliminary work for you or to proof-read after you’ve finished - or both.
semantha can speed up your processes. She delivers a basis for decision-making, looks up information, and points you in the right direction.
The transparency of decisions made by artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important. semantha is no black box – you define which topics are relevant for you – without needing any programming knowledge.

It's not magic.
It's thingsTHINKING!


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