the semantic platform

data is ubiquitous. most data is unstructured. processing unstructured data requires semantic understanding. therefore data is dark unless a human reads it all (aka: so much text, so little time). we read, understand, and instantly remember your textual data. our mission: help humans by making all unstructured data (text) semantically accessible.
Winner of the new.New Festival 2018
as winner of the prestigious new.New Festival "industry disruptor" Award, we are proud to being recognized for one of the leading nlp/nlu/semantics ai platforms. check out the press coverage at code_n directly or below.
aa featured in various media outlets, e.g. financial times (us), faz, süddeutsche zeitung, die welt, reuters tv, rtl television, ard, dpa, huffington post, die zeit, twitter, etc.

words exist because of meaning. Once you've gotten
the meaning, you can forget
the words.


no training, just understanding

there are two predominant technologies in ai: bottom up ai training (machine learns from examples) or top down ai teaching (man explains to machine).
due to a ubiquitious lack of good quality training data, most "classical" ai projects struggle. this is where we combine both technologies to make ai understand.

capture the meaning. that's all.

this helps our customers in automotive, requirements engineering, auditing, legal, insurance, and many other ai use cases.

the solution:
a semantic processing platform

understanding is based on meaning.

can't find stuff in unstructured data? a human could interpret this information, but doesn't have the time?
not any more.
the semantic platform understands meaning (semantics), independent of the choice of words.
the semantic platform reads, understands, and never forgets. she finds what you find. only much faster.
the semantic platform eventually supports everyone in your company by delivering transferable understanding that today only humans have.
the semantic platform is a platform and our customers introduce it to new use cases constantly. to support this movement, we build a strong community around thingsTHINKING's semantic platform.

dozens of endpoints and micro services

the semantic processing platform provides you with web services you can utilize out of the box for semantic processing, data extraction, and semantic reasoning. depending on your use case, choose, combine or concatenate these services. for a starting point, we provide you with a healthy collection of postman projects, reference user interface implementations, etc.

the team

this is the green shoe mafia. we comprise a fresh mix of ai researchers, data scientists, software engineers, software architects, and even the sporadic people addressing the market. if you spot them, let us know who you think it is - if you're right, we'll send you some green swag.


Haid-und-Neu-Straße 7
76131 Karlsruhe


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